Disabled With Abilities

By: Maham Umer

Abid Ali Khoso's face was shinning with satisfaction and enthusiasm while he was talking about his commitment towards education of special children.

 A man, looked pale with a small height as he can't stand properly and had trouble with unbending cramped knees, got masters' degree in Education from Allama Iqbal Open University. Later, he passed Public Service Commission and appointed as teacher at special education department. He got this position after facing many hurdles and difficulties.

Though handicapped but not different from his students. Presently Abid Ali is serving at Government Service Center Badin. He has record that he never went on even single day leave in his professional life. Abid dedicated his life for special children education. He even worked during his illness.

He claimed to be closer to his students than any other teacher of his school due to commonness and comfort behavior.

 Today, despite of the disability, Ali earns over Rs 50,000 per month, just because of his hard work and confidence which changed his destiny. He competed for this position with normal persons but he won and got such designation.

The purpose of his teaching is to motivate the students, who have abilities as he has, for making their future bright, "your disabilities never holds you back unless you change it in your strength”,  Abid added. Face expressions of his colleagues reflect the feeling of admiration for him, when we asked about Mr. Khoso’s performance.

“Many like us doing our jobs in an unexcited way but I must say Mr. Khosso inspired us through his punctuality and sense of responsibility” said one of his colleagues in the school.

He is married, but has no children. Family origin lies in Matli but Mr. Khoso on temporary basis lives at Badin due to his job with a boy, who helps him to do his daily chores, pick him from home and office and help him to reach to the class on the bike.

He visits his family once in a month. This is truly an epitome of dedication and commitment.

"My students will live their life with more dignity and self-confidence as this is all I want for them, and I am working over it" He expressed his prediction.

Khoso is satisfied with life but not with his achievements. He feels one can never be satisfied, and thus one strives to do more and more.

 His courage is a great inspiration for people like us who are said to be normal (able to do things) but have no courage to come out of their comfort zone and do something for society.for major cities in Pakistan have been resumed.

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