A Man With Unique Qualities: Imdadullah Siddiqui

By: Abdul Waheed Brohi

If we talk about teaching, we will come to know that teaching is one of the unique professions and it is also prophetic profession and respectable work in the entire world. When ever a teacher who turns back to write on the board,he guides the world.

Under the sun, every one has seen different people with different and  strong qualities, everybody is here for self interest, none work for other's attitudes but some people are free from these selfish attitudes, because of their unique personality and intelligence, they are always known by the people for their greatness and favorable attitude.

The name that comes in my mind in this context is none other than Dr. Imdadullah Siddiqui.

It is an established fact that youth generation is talented but they are not familiar “where to go” and “how to make future bright” so Mr. Imdadullah is the man who really guides the youth.

He was born on November 01, 1957 at Sehwan Sharif, He got his primary education from Sehwan and Practicing School (Training College) Hyderabad and secondary education from NJV High School, Karachi. Dr. Siddiqui graduated in Geology from University of Sindh, and got M. Phil (Energy and Environment) degree from University of Peshawar, in 2007. He was  awarded Ph. D (in Coal and Environment) from University of Peshawar.

He had served as hydrologeologist /material engineer, Mineral Development Officer, in Government of Sindh. Dr. Siddiqui joined Centre for Pure and Applied Geology, University of Sindh in 1987, as  a lecturer, and is presently working as Asstt. Professor in the centre.

He has published various research articles, and presented papers in national and international conferences. His articles on environment were published in various Sindhi, Urdu, and English news papers and magazines, particularly in monthly 'Scince', 'Mahool' and 'Sehat ain Mahool' magazines. Dr. Siddiqui is the author of books as Petroleum, Geology and Hydrocarbon Prospects of Sindh', and “Sindh State of  Environment'. He has furnished various EIA reports on coal, MSW, Small dam, and  mining. He is member of advisory committees in provincial and federal ministries.

In his messages to young undergraduate students, Dr. Siddiqui emphasized students to work hard as this age is age of tough competition and open merit. Those who will master in computer, modern languages and specialized in technical fields will success and achieve their goals nationally and globally “I wish we Sindhi people may also produce personalities like Agha Khan, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Dr. Abdul Salam and Dr. Qadir” Dr. Siddiqui adedded.