A |Name With Fame

By: Maria Lodhi

We often see dignified and elegant personalities around us with the high spirits and achievements, but an honoured position is acquired after a long period of struggle.

One of the lady that is holding remarkable success is Ghazal Shaikh, a lecturer in Institute of English and Literature at University of Sindh, Jamshoro. She had earned name and fame as a winning debater for two consecutive years 2006 and 2007.

She was selected in the provincial convention in 2006 when she was in part-III of her graduation. Same year she participated in a national youth convention which was presided over by the president of that time.

One of her interest that enables her to create her personality more sparkling is reading books; she prefers English readings but still is not so irrelevant from Urdu and Sindhi writings.

Despite of being a lady with such an active mind she has no interest in sports. Yet she had moved around till border of Afghanistan to most of universities all over Pakistan with a provincial delegation in 2006.

A quality that can easily be related as her key to success is that she is consistent for her work. Excellent example of this is her recent research journal by Institute of English Language and Literature which is in press now after a long period of struggle.

Her out standing achievements are not simply by her efforts only, but her family supported her to great extent with complete liberty.

Despite of being confident and energetic young lady, she has shy nature and is a cool tempered lady with ever smiling face and broad vision of acceptance. She is polite and humble. In all, she perfectly matches with her name Ghazal.*