Never Compromised On Dignity

By: Sehrish Khan

Abdul Latif Akhunzada a man with a charming personality standing tall and belonging to a lower middle class.

He was always well dressed and by the looks of his face he never looked like a man who has such a dark past he has a very heavy voice , was born in Afghanistan in 1970, January.

He is from a poor family. He was a minor when his mother passed away. His father decided to get married again so that the new wife can look after his baby.

Latif's step mother was doing well in starting days but afterwards she started to get cranky with him. Her behavior was very cruel with him because he was a step son.

She was misguiding her husband that his son is not obedient and misbehaving with her now and then. Latif’s patience was also cutting its end. And at last in the age of 17 he decided to leave the house because of his step mother’s attitude.

As he lived very close to the border of Pakistan, he managed to cross the border and went in to Pakistan illegally. He stayed in N.W.F.P (now known as Khyber Pakhtoonkhuwa).

He started his first job in one hotel as a Chef for few years. With his quiet good savings of first job, he started a part time business of juice shop on behalf of himself and continued it for almost 9 years.

During this he met a gentle friend named as Jumma khan. They had a very good understanding and sharing. As Latif was very diligent and trustworthy person and being together for that long time Jumma Khan offered Latif to marry his daughter.

After taking some time he agreed and got married. They got four sons and two daughters. He educated his children and made them able to make their future bright because, he did not want them to face the same hurdles like their father.

And now his one son is lawyer and second is driver in multination company and other two are in factory as a mechanical and electrical engineers respectively.

His daughters are married and living very happily. He feels proud that he succeeded on every difficulties of life. He is thankful to Allah.