Passion Compels To Continue Kashif Khan Alam

By: Bilal Hussain

Kashif Khan Alam was born in Hyderabad on May 14, 1965. He is a renowned teacher and trainer in the field of English language. His extensive research, experiences and observations as a lecturer in UK and Pakistan spans over a decade.

He graduated in Marketing Management from Sussex College of Technology, London, in 1987 and worked as a marketing consultant in North London.

Later, he returned to Pakistan for his post graduation in English Literature, and acquired M.A English Literature degree, in 1992, with distinction from the Punjab University. 

In 1994, he was appointed lecturer at the Westminster College, Britain. With the establishment of Westminster in Pakistan, the only private British international school, he returned to the country in 2000 and served as head of the English department for a term of five years.

He remained at fore- front in encouraging professional forums like Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) and played a significant role in opening the SPELT Islamabad Chapter. He has also contributed to the development of English curriculum for Citizens Foundation. 

In the field of English Language Training (ELT), he has served as catalyst for innovation. He has helped develop and conduct successful ELT practices and training programs for students, teachers and educational institutes. He enjoys close collaboration with the British Council and United States Information Services.

Kashif Khan Alam was brought up in a family of teachers. His family has been in the teaching profession for three generations. His father Fareed Khan Alam served as a lecturer of Senior English at King's College, Cambridge, for seven years.

In his opinion, it does not matter how long or little the scope of one's interest is; the thing that counts is the passion that compels us to continue struggle for the task. He left London for his interest when he had a lucrative job, though he knew the journey was long and for the time being his career in Marketing would remain unsettled. 

In personal life, he is a very possessive person. He is strict in social interactions and avoids unnecessary things, especially which consume time. He regards time as the most important wealth and expects others to value, so that the time could be utilized for good.

Currently, he is teaching High School English in City School Hyderabad, General English in various coaching institutes. He designs and conducts trainings for students at all-level public and private educational institutes throughout the country.