Life Is Not So Difficult

By: Sonahri Shaikh

Some people are unforgettable because they possess something special in their personality and they become role model for us. After many years I went to my school to meet Alma mater.

I met Miss Nasreen Tahir Wafai, who used to teach me art skills. She is one of the most technical and creative teachers I have come across and have always been an inspiration for me.

Miss Wafai teaches at St. Bonaventure's High School, Hyderabad. She loves teaching. She says that if she was not a subject teacher, she would rather prefer being an art teacher.

“Teaching is my passion” she says. She has arranged many exhibitions in Hyderabad. Many people are impressed by her. Her work includes handicrafts and other hand-made materials.

Miss Wafai was born in a small village Jindo Dero district Shikarpur, at that time there was only girls' primary school which was upto 5th standard.

She was first female in her village who managed to come to Hyderabad, that too after alot of struggler. She got married soon and started teaching Sindhi in school.

Along with this she also completed her B.Ed in Sindh University Old Campus Hyderabad.

She said that her aim is to motivate the children to learn and love their mother tongue. A teacher who thinks that he/she had learned enough is a fool. Miss Nasreen says that many things she learned from her students.

Besides a good teacher and technical woman, she is also a great social activist. She helped many people by collecting funds. People admire her for such a kind act to humanity.

Miss Nasreen Wafai has written six books of them four have been published. She also wrote a book of poems for primary level children “ Nandhra Suhnra Baar Pyara”.

She suggests that one should read Shah jo Risalo and Khuwab Nagar, columns by Mahmood Mughal. She loves to read these books and want to read them again and again.

Its contents shows the reality of life which affects and satisfies the heart. Being a busy woman Miss Nasreen is also a careful housewife. She says “just manage your time than life is not such difficult”.

Her children have never eaten food which is not fresh. She is a balanced person I have ever seen. She is an ideal for her family too. Her children are also interested in arts just like her.

Her son has good drawing skills and the two daughters among which one loves cooking and makes new dish everyday and second has an online scarf shop.

Miss Nasreen has been offered for Live shows on TV channels where she can give her art tutorials. Soon we may see her on channels.

She believes Instead of complaining we should try not to create such events that make us to complain. Wasting your time is wasting your life! We should never compromise with time.

She says she is sent to this world for helping others and she is thankful to Allah for giving her such opportunity. Our every act should be a helpful one which touches every other heart. I wish that many of us think like the same way as she does.