Senior Sports Journalist Naseem Rajput

By: Ali Raza

We believe that success comes from continuous efforts and struggle, those who have acquired these honored positions must have strived hard in their lives.

Senior sports journalist and anchor-person-producer of sports show of Geo Super Naseem Rajput was born in Hyderabad in Dec 1972 where he received his early education.

Later he moved to Karachi where he graduated and got his masters in Mass Communication from University of Karachi.

Naseem struggled for his career and did not rely on his well-settled family .He used to travel through busses but never tried to use his father's vehicle who was a bureaucrat.

He also worked on hourly basis in private firms to meet his personal and educational expenses. All this proved the distinction and highness of a boy who was raised up under the shadow of a bureaucrat.

After completing his masters Naseem got his first job in PPI, a news agency for a year to attain some experience.

Naseem started working with the print media and served in different Urdu newspapers for several years mainly, Daily Jasart   , Daily Din and Jang.

He appeared on television in the mid of 2003 when he joined Geo TV network as a sports correspondent. Later he was promoted and in the year 2007 Naseem hosted his first sports show named "The Match Box" which earned him popularity across the country.

Moreover, working with the Geo TV network Rajput has reported several mega events of international sports.

He was involved in many mega events like, Athens Olympics 2004, Fist T-20 Cricket World Cup South Africa 2007, Fist edition of IPL 2008, Doha hearing of spot fixing case 2010 and some interviews of the renowned personalities of the world like, Shahrukh Khan, Sharmila Tagore, Sangita Bijlani, Sachin Tendulkar, Wasim Akram, Brian Charles Lara, Sunil Gavaskar.

He appreciates many of his colleagues and is inspired by many other sport journalists and admires working with them.

According to his family he in his personal life is a stickler for the perfection and gets irate when the things are not done accordingly.

One of his Hyderabad native friends told that Naseem was a good player of cricket and he also managed to play a few matches of first class cricket during his studies.

He says, I believe that good journalism can lead to a better world and also considers it as noble profession so we should always stand firm on our point and make our self forthright soon you will find yourself on the ropes of success.