Life Is About Struggle

By: Syed Aqeel Hussain

Some people are born with a belief that they can achieve every thing and become whatever they want to be.

Mohammad Khalil is the one who achieved his goal due to his strong belief and hardworking. He was born on 7th July 1964, Hyderabad.

His father was the worker in a bangle factory. He started his primary and middle education in Wazir Memorial High School, Hyderabad  and after that  he passed his matriculation from Khalid Memorial High School, Hyderabad in 1979.

Due to some financial problems he could not continue his studies. He decided to find some job or learn some skills to support his family.

He joined a lens factory in 1980. His trainer was Afaque Hussain who trained him that how to make the lens. His first salary was Rs60.

Despite many difficulties, he continued his struggle and met all the challenges to achieve his aim.  

After working for 28 years, he took a lens factory on rent. In 2010, he purchased a lens factory.

Life is not a bed of roses; every one has to struggle hard to face the challenges of life. One has his own set of ideas, values and rules to sustain and maintain high status but he believes in simplicity and honesty.

He says honesty is the best policy. One that believes in hard work and works forthrightly, prosperity comes in his life for sure.

He is of the opinion that one who works very hard with sincerity, love and devotion he will get success in his life and those who could not keep pace with developing world they will lag behind in this race.