Man With Noble Thoughts

By: Imran Malik

Most of the people get education for acquiring good jobs, for their bright future by which they can live a better life. They do not try to do something for their society and country.

Still there are people who believe getting job is not big game but one should be with noble thoughts. Mohsin Malik who believes that getting a job is not a big deal in life, but to do something for others is great deed.

Mohsin Malik was born on March 5, 1990. He got his education from his native town Ubaru, district Ghotki. He did graduation in telecommunication from Mehran University of engineering technology (MUET) Jamshoro in 2011.

He always supported and encouraged his juniors and considered as role model.

Mohsin Malik is fond of watching and playing cricket. He was organizer of students sports week in Mehran University. In the examination days, his favorite slogan was “help old friends and make new friends”.

Mohsin Malik dreamed to be an engineer and his dream came true. As he was aware about the conditions of the country, society and remote areas, and to make a change he decided to get power and authority.

So he passed CSS and joined police service. Different telecom companies offered him job as engineer and Engro Chemical, Daharki offered him job of plant operator but Mohsin Malik refused all the offers because of the competitive exam.

He wants to bring improvement in police force to eradicate the corruption provide peace to common man