Hardworking Is Key To Success: Ghulam Nabi Sahar

By: Bilkees Fatima Narej

Ghulam Nabi was born on 10th July, 1949 in a intellectual family of  Abdul Majeed at village Masu Sahar of Taluka Mehar District Dadu. He received his early education from Government High School Radhan. He did M.A in Political Science and Pakistan studies from University of Sindh. He was appointed as a lecturer in Pakistan Study Centre at University of  Sindh, where he remained till 2009.Presently, he is teaching in Federal College of Arts and Design at Mehran University of  Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro.


Q: Sir, what sort of difficulties you faced during your study?

Ans: I faced many difficulties during study; the educational institutions were far away from my village and I used to go through transport and paid fare. Besides that, I faced problems of accommodation and boarding.

  Q: Why did you join University of Sindh?

Ans:  I joined UoS in 1987 because it is one of the oldest universities of Asia and before I was a teacher at Noor Mohammad High School Hyderabad.

 Q: Why did you only choose Pakistan Studies subjects?

Ans: Actually, Pakistan Study has remained my favorite subject as it is a comprehensive subject and encompasses many topics ranging from the social, political, and economical to historical aspects of pivotal importance, it was my wish to make students equip with knowledge regarding the struggle for Pakistan so that they may learn about the history .By the grace of the Almighty Allah, I have achieved my goal.

 Q: Do you think the present curriculum of the universities need amendment?

Ans: Actually, the recent curriculum of the universities needs amendments because it has become old and a curriculum always requires change with the passage of time. Moreover, teaching methods in our institutions are also old and they should be updated according to the status-quo.

 Q: Would you like to tell us that what are your activities besides teaching?

Ans: I am registered as a PhD Scholar and have attended two seminars as yet besides this; I am preparing for the final seminar and writing the thesis.

 Q: In your opinion, what is life all about?

Ans: Life is like a dream and it remains no everlasting, life is in the shape of journey for human beings that may end at any time and the better use of it may help a person to reach at the top level and achieve his destination.

 Q:  Can you tell us, any unforgettable event of your life?

Ans: When I was a child, a teacher used to punish me for my negligence to study. One day, he punished me and I left the school and decided to go home, in the way, I put mud on my clothes and pretended the mother that I fell in the drain. She did not believe on me and sent me in the field to cut the grass as it was very hot, so I could not work in the field. I learned lesson from that day and promised with my mother of being regular at school and today I retired as an officer.

 Q: Any message to the students?

Ans: The students should work hard and try their best to serve the nation. They are the builders of the nation in the future and they have to put heavy responsibilit upon their shoulders.