Through Uneducated But Productive For Society

By: Atif Mustafa Qureshi

We can find many hard working people around us, young and old ones but there are only a few teenagers who catch your attention due to their struggle to meet the necessities of life.

A16- year old cobbler Lal Badshah repairs and polishes the shoes, and charges only Rs 15/- to Rs 30/-

He was seven year old when he came to Hyderabad, from Bajaur Agency's small village Kulli Mehmood for helping his father.

Why a student of class-I moved from his village leaving his studies incomplete? What could be the reason, poverty or something else? These were the questions that prompted me constantly whenever I visited him.

He migrated from his village due to war against terrorism. He was happy in his village. Studying and playing with his age mates.

When war started in his area it became tough for them to live easily. His father forced him for earning, he bowed his head to the wishes of his father and he started working with him as cobbler.

One day, I was there to get my shoes polished, a poor old woman came for repairing her torn slippers but she was penniless.

I expected that he would refuse to repair. On contrary he not only repaired her slippers but also gave her Rs 5 coin. He told me that he always tries to help poor.

Earning just Rs 200 to Rs 400 per day, and sending 4000 to 6000 per month to his family in Bajaur Agency (family has shifted back to their village), he is struggling because he has realized his responsibilities to help his parents in imparting the education to his three brothers and two sisters.

However, he left his education as it was the requirement of that time but now he wants his siblings to continue their studies.

I saw him helping the policemen, who were clearing the road from the waste material (stoning and burning of tires). He was the only one who left his job just to help the policeman.

He serves not only his family but other indigent and government employees as well.

Living in one room house, cooking for him, earning for his family and helping the others gives an impression of a mature person but he is a teenager.

He cannot continue his studies as his father is an old man and being eldest son he has to fulfill the responsibilities.

I asked him, being a poor man how you help others. His reply was” I am an uneducated and couldn't complete my studies to be a productive member; therefore I want to be a useful member of this society by helping others.”