Extensive Study Is Must To Become Good Literates: Aasi Hakro

By: Muhammad Javed Majeedano

Abdul Wahid "Aasi" Hakro is a poet and historian who hails from small village Haji Muhammmad Jaffar Hakro near Tando Allahyar. He got early education from his native village and his BA from University of Sindh. He started writing poetry when he was 21. His book on history of Tando Allahyar namely "Tando Allahyar ji Adabi Sakafati Tareekh" is yet to be published and his other book on poetry is under compilation. Mr Hakro shares his experience and knowledge about history and literature.

Q. How do you see literature of today?

A. Young people have not extensive study to meet demands and become good literates. Our youth has typical ways of book reading. They consider the interest in alternating ways of books that is totally wrong perception.

Q. If someone wants to become poet, what one should do?

A. In this creative field, the teacher is mandatory because without a teacher one can not write poetry properly. Secondly, you will have to read all genres of poetry of prominent poets, like Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. Sachal Sarmast, Sheikh Ayaz and so on.

Q: What is your contribution in the realm of history?

A: I wrote one book on the history of my native town Tando Allahyar that is yet to be published. I wrote number of articles on history of Sindh in different newspapers and magazines. I have also participated in dozens of programs pertaining to history on a Sindhi channel.

 Q. What troubles one has to face while writing history?

A. Writing history is not an easy task. There are some parameters that one has to observe while writing history.

First, you should have extensive reading on the subjects; secondly you must have good observation power, thirdly; research tales which transmit from one generation to another and writings described on graves of Sufi saints.

Q. Any message for students?

A. I would like to suggest that promote mother tongue Sindhi language because these days our language is being ignored in our text courses. For this purpose you should read and write in Sindhi language.