Dutiful And Devoted Lady :Arza Rashid

By: Farkhunda Shaikh

Everyone can do regular domestic work but in busy life it is tough to maintain and keep house beautiful. Mostly people lose spirit after getting tired at work. 

But there are some people who despite being busy perform every work diligently and superiorly in their life.

Azra Rashid, teacher of government school is praise worthy as she is dutiful and devoted lady not to her own work, but also to others.

Actually, she is among those people who have a desire of sacrifice and spend their life to serve the people. Now look at her spirit. She is in 19th grade but she does not hesitate doing even any inferior-work.

Along with teaching, she happily plays a role of peon, maid, gardener etc. During her duty, she keeps only thing in mind that her Lord and Prophet (PBUH) adore this work.

She is strict with her rules and takes it very seriously because, to her, delivering lecture is not enough but every practice that edifies others is also an integral part of education.

She possesses one more. She always does her work responsibly. Therefore, she does not refrain by challenging tasks. According to her, living life as an indolent is similar to death. 

This beautiful thought raises her aspiration to fight with difficulties; consequently, she does her job brilliantly. For all her tasks, she does not expect from others nor appeals anyone for assistance.

To perform proficient and complete work, she does not feel outraged and shy but doing so, she gets spiritual happiness. She is a magnetic personality therefore people respect her.

Affection can win the trust of people and she got it through her credibility and not persuade them through gossips. As much as she is religious, in the similar way, she is an interesting and pleasant personality.

Astonishing is that in her industrious life she has got perfection and she does not leave gap or flaw in the work. She is very enthusiastic and innovative and manages her house, school, gym and beauty-parlor wonderfully.

Though beauty parlor and gym is not her job  it is  her hobby and desire that this work should also get recognition among the people. She is expert in many things even if an event organized in school, she takes part in all the activities, and is also able to set off everything very well.

Even in Milad, she adds program by her voice and beautiful belongings. Her believes in collective and joint work which takes her close to others.