Natural Wealth To Be Utilized Properly: Dr Sarfraz Solangi

By: Ali Raza Bhatti

Dr: Sarfraz Ahmad Solangi is the Director of Center for Pure and Applied Geology.Prof. Dr. Solangi belongs to district Khairpur. He got MSC degree in 1983 and in same year, he was appointed as the teacher in the department of geology.

In 1986, he went to United Kingdom for his PhD, and in 1992 he did specialization in Sedimentology in London and got PhD degree.

Q: Why Thar coal is not being used to create economic empowerment?

Ans: The problem with Thar coal is that it is lying at certain depth and it is not minable through traditional mining as it is happening in Lakhra and other areas and Thar Coal reserve is about 200 meters deep. The only option there is open pit mining which requires lots of expertise, foreign exchange, and lots of money to take this coal out for power projects. Unfortunately, our country is lacking both the expertise and foreign exchange.

Q: Why international investors have always been ignored who have interest in Thar coal?

Ans: Many companies came to Pakistan and they were quite confident because similar type of coal whether it is quality or quantity or depth is being used in many European countries and also in Australia, Germany and Poland.

Q: How much have you accomplished so far as a director?

Ans: I have been successful to some extent in developing relations with petroleum industry particularly and even some government organizations for collaborative research work and this is for the first time that university is providing consultancy to petroleum companies. We have maximum number of students, in addition to that we are maintaining well equipped research laboratories. The equipments are the State of Art Equipments which is no where available in the whole province.

Q: Is it important for a geologist to build relations with industrialists and companies?

Ans: Well, that is of paramount importance to us because most of companies related to geology are in private sector. There are only very few multinational organizations in Pakistan which are offering jobs to geologists so it is very important to impress those companies for getting jobs. In this regard, we are producing dynamic graduates who are very good in teaching and research who would uplift the name of department.

Q: Is your department profiting Masters Degree in petroleum geology to the students?

Currently, we have just got approval for masters in petroleum geology and our main purpose is not only to create more students with degrees but it is research oriented degree and we would like to produce some of the best students, so they can find their place in Pakistan and overseas.