A Wonderful Life After Retirement

By: Sonahri Shaikh

73 year old, Professor Dr. Allah Dino Memon  is honourary Secretary (Board of governors) in Sindh Grammar School Qasimabad, Hyderabad, leading private isntitution.

He is from Unnarrpur, district Jamshoro. He received his degrees of B.Sc and M.Sc from Sindh University and later, M.Sc and DIC in Petroleum Geology from Imperial College of Science, London. He joined Sindh University in 1970 as a lecturer. Later , he did PhD from Romania.

He got retirement in 2002 as professor and chairman. Because of devoted nature he never faced any difficulty in his career. Nice family background provided him etiquettes.

With a glowing heart and gracefulness on face he won hearts of his colleagues as well as students. His way of teaching was proficient as compared to other teachers.

Students were like friends to him. If any of the students pointed out his mistakes, he used to encourage them. Side by side he was very strict. In his career, he never made any compromises.  Education and duty always comes first, Dr. Allah Dino  believes.

Besides being a good teacher he also proved to be a kind father and now grandfather. Like Dr. Allah Dino, his sons are also successful. Dr. A.D Memon confesses that he enjoys his life with his grand children.

Mr. A.D Memon always treated others so courteously that's why today he is having the fruits of life. He feels very much relaxed. He spends his time in reading books and newspapers. 

He is generous person with a glistening face. This is what I can say a “Perfect life after retirement”. If every person tries to create elegance in his nature he can also get the fruits of life. Remember, people are lucky when they have their “owns” at an Old age.

As Dr. A.D Memon is traditional by heart,  he loves his culture and Sindh a lot. He wrote book for his students named “Petroleum Geology and the Hydrocarbon Prospects of  Sindh”.