People Love To Listen New Things: Inayat Ali Khan

By: Hiba Mumtaz

"Apne Mazhab Se Naata Itna To Jod Skta Hun

Shab-e-Barat Pr Patakha to Phod Skta Hun "

Professor Inayat Ali Khan a humorous poet who belongs to a family of poets as his father and mother also used to write humorous poetry. This outspoken personality has remained contributor of Urdu dailies such as Jasarat, Ummat and Safeer.

Q: Tell me about yourself?

Inayat Ali: I was born in Rajasthan India in 1935 and migrated with family to Pakistan in 1948. I earned my degree of M.A in Urdu from University Of Sindh in 1962. My father was a good humorous poet of his times.

Q: Have you ever wrote poems for your family members?

Inayat Ali: Yes, I wrote poem for my brother who was physically handicapped and on my sister's death but these pieces are not available, as could not preserve them. I also wrote poem on my mother's death, here is one stanza from the poem:

Tum Jo Mujh Ko Tu Kehti Thi

Ab Kon Mujh Ko Tu Kahega

Mere Saare Dukh Or Sadme

Mujh Se Badh Kar Kon Sahega..

Q: You won the prize on Children's poems, how many poems you have written about children?

Inayat Ali Khan: I have been writing poems, stories for children since many years and so far I have written almost 40 stories for kids. In 2003 I was awarded "The Best Writer For Children". I have contributing for syllabus books also.

Q: What role poetry plays in your life?

Inayat Ali Khan: I have lived 87 years of my life by writing Urdu poetry and it is not only my passion but so far it has been my wealth as well as earning. Poetry is not temporary hobby, it takes a lot of time. Now I am satisfied with my whole work because it is very difficult task to give people the reason to smile but I did it by my poetry. 

Q: Who is your Favorite poet and why?

Inayat Ali: Allama Iqbal is my all time favourite poet. He was the one who criticized western world openly and made the world known that we have our own identity.

Q: Do you still write poetry?

Inayat Ali: Now as I am over age I don't write poems, but sometimes when I go in programs I say some new stanzas because people love to listen new things.