From Civic Reporter To General Reporter: Anwer Kamal

By: Fazeel Naqvi

Reporting of major issues is not a big deal but reporting minor issues and turning them into big news is the quality of a genious reporter. The issues that are  unnoticed by others are his speciality.

The reason that took him to the media industry is that he was eager to highlight the issues about the basic problems faced by the society. This passion led him to become a general reporter where he has been been reporting these issues for 16 years.

Born on 16 September, 1972 in the home of Late Muhammad Yousuf Kamal in Hyderabad Anwer Kamal received his early education from Himayt-ul-Islam school, he gradutaed from Kali Mori College Hyderabad.

His dreams were to fly high in the sky and become a pilot he struggled hard and after graduation in 1989 passed the initials of the air force but unfortunately he was declared medically unfit. This man with high intentions did not loose hope and he changed his field of interset and focused on the problems that were around him.

Electronic media was not yet introduced in Hyderabad, newspapers and radio were main source of information. He had a feel of doing something to change this system and to highlight the problems of society. He joined  Daily Jurrat newspaper as a junior reporter.

In year 1997, he  joined 'The News' as a reporter and worked for five years, in 2002, when Geo T.V was established and he was one of the founding members of this channel so he was promoted as the incharge of Geo T.V Hyderabad.

Standing tall with a gentle smile on his face Anwer Kamal never lets his limb come in way of his work he is always present on the scene, reporting for the betterment of the society for which he took a bullet to his leg.

Anwer Kamal is a man with high determination that a terrifying murder attempt did not shake his tenacity. Once, when  he was reporting in Dadu about the famous Manchar Lake, the largest sweet water lake in Pakistan.

On his way back, unknown people came out of nowhere and started firing on his car in which he and his driver were injured.

Since then, Mr Kamal has carried his mission. Though, he faced many difficulties in his career, but never backed out from his job and his responsibility of reporting the hidden facts of any issue and unmasking the real face of the outlaws of the society.

He is a devoted journalist with a mission to accomplish. He says that “students of every field must make their aim during their studies, because after completing studies you have to face many hardships and there is no one to help you, but during your studies you can have a lot of help from your teachers and elders