Burnt Soul With Englightened Desire

By: Zahra Khuzema

Mubina Imtiaz, a middle aged seamstress striving hard to survive in this unkind world. She lives with her husband and 8 children.

This 38 year old woman looks 10 year older than her age, due to her wrinkles which are the consequences of her sleepless nights she spent with her stitching machine to earn livelihood for her family. After stitching she even delivers the clothes and also takes the orders door to door.

She sustained burn wounds which made her physically petrifying, but she does not have a bit of complex.

She got burn in an accident in her own house by the leakage of gas pipe in the kitchen, she lit up the matchstick and the entire kitchen caught fire. However, she survived and came out from burn trauma.

She resides in Latifabad but comes way far to Burhani Nagar to collect clothes, she starts her day at 7 am, and for more income she sometimes does not even mind doing house chores of her customers.

After a long and laborious day she returns home at 9 pm and after that she cooks meal for her family and then she starts stitching to complete her orders on time.

She works till 2 am in the morning. Her will power made her fight when she was striving for life.

"Where there is a will, there is a way".These lines are truly mend for the people like Mubina, who turned her way back to life.

She does not care how she looks performs work with pure honesty and never lets her customers down. These people are around us, in our society they do not come up like Mubina to show or use up their talents as their earning.

They hide themselves thinking that they are a curse for the society and the people will not appreciate them. But these people should remember that

The keyword is "will power" which Mubina had alot in herself and which made the victory easy and now even surviving is difficult but she is making every possible effort to provide the best life to her family.