Helping Hands

By: Ahmed Raza

You have not lived today unless you have done something for someone who can never repay you, " said  John Bunyan.

Contrary to the idea quoted above, we observed that People are so busy with the pace of this hectic world, that they neglected their very close relatives so how they think of helping others?  The cruel world gives us one hundred and one reasons to worry about, but there are thousands of people who conceive a million ways to smile.

Abdul Sattar Edhi and Bilqees Edhi are the brightest stars and the nation would stay indebted to those who sacrificed their comforts for our better tomorrow!

Jabbar Ahmed is a valiant example. He is 72 years old, but he is an active man and works 15 hours a day. A barber who sits at the corner of a government school situated in one of the many Kachi Abadis of Latifabad is different from other modern hairdressers. He does not own a shop and he has spent more than fifty springs of his life.

Jabbar is popular as Joru Chacha, lost his family during the independence in 1947. He was merely six year old who fortunately escaped his life by lying under the heap of dead bodies, massacre by rioters.

In his 52- year profession, he could only earn himself a single-room, wooden- hut-shape house, where he lives like a king.

Joru Chacha did not marry therefore, he treats children like his own, and he does not charge from these school-going kids and often buy them pencils, notebooks and even course books when required.

He is a very kind nature and also treats many special-people in free. On Mondays, when other barbers are on holiday, he does his job and dedicates his day to poverty-stricken people of his locality.

Joru Chacha is a simple and graceful character; besides these qualities he is also very patriotic. During the conversation he said," It is not about money at all, it's about what you can do for your countrymen.

When these children would grow up, they would serve for my homeland, for this reason I am actually serving my motherland and I feel proud for this job."

It is a sign of fortune that in this egocentric world still we have lovely people like Mr. Jabbar Ahmed, who devoted his life for others.

This noble man may not have earned a lot of money and a big house to live but he has earned people's love and lives in the hearts of people respectively!