Huda Hussain Bhurgri

By: Farman Ali

The auditorium was silent even more than hundred people were present there.There was a girl with an aristocratic look standing behind the rostrum giving debate, after listening her views I could not prevent myself from appreciating her.

Talent of that girl appeal me to know about her and finally I fount that she was a short height girl Huda Bhurgari student of English Literature famous for her intelligence behavior social worker and having enough achievements in number of debates.

She is inflexible from school life and so she has a history of running behind challenges dancing singing anchoring and these achievements fuel her to switch on yet.

At university level she gave her first debate in Nov 2011 and won and then at regional national international level she won too.

Daughter of remote area was sent to America in Global Ugrad Batch as a culture Ambassador of Pakistan she studied one semester in West Library University.

Her multi talent is something that has always been beyond her so in West she participated in many activates and got second position in International food festival after giving the presentation on Islam and the rights of the humanity and she arrange the sindhi wedding.

Humanity only the religious she follows, she wants to work for humanity and with much potential and she has started the fantastic job with few friends of Hyderabad in welfare society and generation  X.

She is writer , she says, In university thanks to my wide reading and cavernous hunger for learning words when I began writing and my work started being published I think by these piece of writings we can give something back to our people.

Her recent essay on extremism got published in innovative voice magazine of  bargad foundation. She adds each version of your article gives you pleasure , pleasure which cannot bought

Never submit a first draft to be published. Her dreams is women always should be treated with respect and unflattering trust .

Her foundation are constructed form Mirpurkhas and then joined Govt: Ibn-e-Rushd girls college Mirpurkhas

Now Ms. Bhurgri is studying in final year in English literature. She said my mother wish to make a doctor but English language which steadily flowing through my veins.

She made us to think that there is lot we could be multi talented   during our studies and be a active citizen.

Her personality reflects the message. God has assigned us beautiful homeland with beautiful humanity just to protect and nurture.