An Inspiration Of Youth : Nadir Khan Ghoury

By: Irsa Khan

The book “One Hundred Personalities of the World” reveals that 90 % renowned, genius personalities of the world belonged to families who had poor background. These personalities had strong will power and determination to achieve their goal.

Nadir Khan Ghoury also belongs to such family background, born in Karachi on 2nd August 1978. During his schooling he was dull and non-serious student, who was always conditionally promoted in every exam because the school Head Master was a friend of his father.

He used to bunk his class. Once he was caught by father and given severe physical punishment. He was always taunted to be the blunt person having a dark career.

“All the people in Guinness Book of World Record are human none of them is the angel. It shows Allah has given many skills to a man, it is up to you whether you want to do it or not. First set the target and have strong determination than you will get your destination,” Dr. Nadir believes.

The declaration of matriculation result shook him when he came to know that he failed in English language. He was fallen angle for his parents, siblings, relatives and friends, even his father kept his nick name Mr. Matric Fail.

He was fortunate enough to have a good school which could fill up his English skill gap. First he armed himself with education and English written and spoken skills.

His parents always wanted to see him as a highly qualified and renowned person. They sent him Mirpurkhas for further education. He wanted to join language institute but he did not even have Rs200 to learn English language because his father was a bus driver.

He started teaching grammar to his area children without fee for practice. Within few months became a good tutor and started charging tuition fees and with that fee he succeeded to get admission in a language institute named the Rhetoric Language Center.

Soon he appeared as the best debater and speaker, of the centre. When his father was retired, Ghoury decided to support his family and did job in industry as a labour then he worked in Tapal Tea Company and also received prize by Mr. Aftab Tapal, the owner of the company.

Later, he realized that he can handle any professional challenge he founded an English language institute named American Communication Council.Being the founder of his institution he is always in search of poor, helpless children to give free education so that he may produce more Nadirs.