Media And Law Are Two Inter-related Fields: Ali Raza Laghari

By: Musfira Amin

Ali Raza Laghari is an advocate, teacher, journalist and executive director of a regional NGO. He received degree of law in 2006 from Karachi, besides, he has visited China, USA and South Korea on the Jefferson scholarship of awarded by East West Center Hawaii. As a journalist he worked with Daily Ibrat for 15 years. Mr Laghari wrote two books namely Pearl Harbour to Great Wall and Fly to Singapore.

Q: You have law degree, but you joined media, any especial reason behind it?

A: Actually I joined print media before starting my law studies and which I continued during studies also. After completing law education I started practicing law. However, I noted the importance of media, hence continued working for it.

Q: Why people prefer law as compared with engineering, medical and other fields?

A: Generally, people who join this field they want to know rights and laws in the society. Students of law learn the importance to abide the law and they believe that law is essential for the society therefore, they join this field.

Q: It is usually seen, people don't abide law, what is reason behind it?

A: Well, it is up to an individual how he/she strictly follows the law but we observe our responsibilities.

Q: How much freedom does law allow to media?

 A: Pakistan is not the only country where media has restriction, different countries have different media laws and different restrictions but our media don't follow these rules, which creates problems for media persons. As far as media's full freedom is concerned there is no such state on the globe of earth where full freedom existed, if it was done so, it would surely be misused.

Q: How do you use your advocacy in NGO?

A: Yes I do involve and use my advocacy, I will quote my experience that we started a campaign against environmental pollution in Naushahro Feroze to protect the air from industrial wasted material. Our NGO held a seminar there to create awareness among the people and being a lawyer I filed a petition in the court against concerned sugar mill.

Q: Which kind of cases you tackle?

A: It is difficult to say because there are so many kinds of problems which people bring to me to discuss and after understanding whole issue I try to dig out solution. Mostly people bring social abuse cases mostly.

Q: How do you offer practice to young lawyers?

A: When we take up any case, first it is given to practitioner lawyer for his research and try to get his opinion, besides that we take them to court to observe the proceedings of cases and get experience.

Q: How law and media jointly can benefit the society?

A: Media and law can play a very vital role together because in today's world media is the best source that can highlight the lapses in law making and can present suggestions regarding that. In my opinion media and law are two inter related fields and can not be separated