Reforms Are Must To Improve Education: Asif Ali Shah

By: Abdul Latif Gaad

Dr. Syed Asif Ali Shah is a bright student who got his graduation and masters from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology. Later, under HEC's (Higher Education Commission) faculty development program, he proceeded to Austria in 2005 to peruse doctoral studies. Dr. Shah is teaching as Associate Professor in Department of Electrical Engineering. Dr. Shah has contributed ten research journal papers and 13 international conference papers at his credit.

Q: How did you get scholarship and what are the ways of finding out scholarship programs?

Dr. Shah: I got the foreign scholarship under faculty development programme of HEC. For general candidates, the criterion is different. They are advised to pass GRE and NTS tests at first instance and then apply for upcoming scholarship programs, which are announced by universities, higher education commission or any other foreign funded programs. Interested candidates are also advised to visit,,,

 Q: What are your observations about Sindhi students studying abroad?

Dr. Shah: The role of Sindhi students at abroad is very positive. They are hardworking and most of them have proved their abilities, where as some universities have offered most of our students to serve at their universities. For example, Zahid Abro of QUEST Nawabshah, was awarded as young inventor in history of Europe, where as Aleem Jamali who is still studying for doctorate at UK and was awarded as young scientist. Future of Sindhi students look very bright and most of them will surely prove their abilities more. It's my personal observation that their foreign supervisors are very much happy with their performance and results during their study and research.

 Q: What is included in the package of scholarship?

Dr. Shah: The package of scholarship includes cost of living, traveling and reading material, whereas the other expenses like tuition fees, admission fees, transport (local), health and insurance varies from country to country, but they are quite affordable.

Q. How would you compare our educational system with foreign system?

Dr. Shah: We lag behind in terms of their infrastructure trust, online facilities etc. Though the modern infrastructure is introduced at basic level in our universities but again we can't depend too much on students and this is because of their behaviour. Cooperation between teachers and students is not as strong as in foreign. Their educational system is developed in the sense that their students get the transformation of knowledge within two hours as compared to our two months because of their strong base of primary and secondary education.

 Q. What improvement will you suggest for educational system?

Dr. Shah: Immediately reforms should be made to improve primary and secondary education. We must start trusting our students as they can be encouraged and at the same time students must show positive approach regarding their behaviour, studies. Universities must provide round a clock access of facilities to their students through online activities.