Knowledge, Passion And Patience Are Key Ingredients: Dr Tauseef Ahmed

By: Maham Umer

Dr Tauseef Ahmed Khan is a chairperson of Mass Communication Department of Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST) Karachi. He did his PhD as a special topic in newspaper organizations role in independent media. Here, he answers questions related to his experience in mass communication field and also as committed educator. He has been teaching media since last thirty years. He is the renowned personality of teaching profession in mass communication field.

Q: As a teacher what do you feel are the important attributes or skills we must need to embrace media as profession?

A: I believe knowledge, passion and patience are the key ingredients in this field.

Q: How did you come into this field?

A: Since I was a student, I participated in the political activities and wrote many articles at that time. I wanted to go for different fields but then I realized my interest in print media so, I joined media as profession. I also worked as editor for monthly magazine 'Badalti Duniya' which has been publishing from Karachi since last few years.

Q: What is your educational background?

 A: I completed my education from Karachi. After getting my bachelor's degree I went Karachi University for a Master's degree and then did my PhD from the same university.

Q: What is the scope of media in Pakistan? Any advice for aspiring journalists and media persons?

A: I think media always have boom in Pakistan. Our journalists in past fought against dictatorships and even today, young journalists like Wali Babar and others have sacrificed their lives for performing their duties. Media is always a tough job, print as well as electronic media. As far as media scope is concern, scope, in general I advice students to go for something that makes you feel good and make a successful career out of it. If you entered in this field than never let your interest down.

Q:  Tell us something about your current and future plans for mass communication students of your university?

A: We are working to set up our electronic studio. We don't have studio before in this department; Sir Osama Shafique is the in charge for this Program. We are also trying to organize some educational trips for our mass communication students to understand and learn about other mass communication departments through out Pakistan. Visiting Sindh University is also one of our targets.