Vote Is The Power Of An Individual : Taj Baloch

By: Ayaz Ahmed Laghari

Taj Baloch is a renowned personality of Mirpurkhas. Taj has been doing great work of rights activism since student times. Nowadays he is working for an NGO named SINDH GRADUATES ASSOCIATION (SGA) at Mirpurkhas in which he is working on education network in Sindh. Taj's specialty is self involvement as voluntary in social projects which distinguish him as unique from other prominently personalities of the Mirpurkhas Taj Baloch also involved in student politics when he experienced he saw lots of ups and downs of Sindh's politics. Specialty of Taj Baloch is determination for doing efforts for his homeland. Let see what more I going to know about him during interview.

Q: Sir who is Taj Baloch in your own words?

A: In my own words, I would say I am activist for human development and as a professional I am retired entomologist in the Health department in Mirpurkhas. Right now I am working with SGA Sindh Graduate Association Mirpurkhas district, a social organization for betterment of the society. 

Q: would you like to throw some light on your student life and socio-political scenario of that time and your participation?

A: I was good orator and I won almost all debate competitions. In my all speeches my views were just reflector of masses particularly the peasants because I had keenly observed the problems of peasants and poor people. As far as social conditions concerned, I must say it was very different, in old times communication was very slow and people has no awareness about their rights and laws. Due to giant network of media made easy communication and media is helping for awareness in the masses today. It is other fact, people of my time were small in quantity but we were very loving and caring. I think love has vanished from the earth or at least from my society. In this global village I cannot find my native village where I had found peace, no bomb attacks no assassinations, inflation and many social evils as yet we have in our society. Since my studentship I used politics to make a good democratic society therefore I joint Sindh Student Union of Mirpurkhas chapter where I and many other student did struggle for better education and better governance in the country. I still remember when Sindhi Boli bill was approved by Sindh assembly then some students waved black flags at college building then we waved red colored flag to show the celebrations. In university times I was also part of Labour Movement then joint Hari tehreek under the leadership of Hyder Baksh Jatoi at Hyderabad in which I was active in protests, demonstrations and marches for rights of farmers and peasants.

Q: What you have done for your society and briefly tell us about your successful projects?

A: Unfortunately since creation of the country our education system is useless. I use SGA as my medium for spreading the network of education in every city of Sindh.

School system named Roshan Tara associated with SGA helping the students to get better education. My village in which water was the major problem so TVO named organization financially helped us but due to big project money became less for the project then my villagers in my leadership collected money for completing the project. I think not only the villagers but whole country should be united then we can remove every hurdle.

Q: How can an individual play his/her role for the society?

A: every individual has an impact on society, every individual has right of vote through which he or she can make a good leadership for the country. Individuals should make a new better mindset, they should promise with themselves of not doing corruption and do not run for greed. And in last, with such promises we will see a better society.

Q: Any message for students of the university?

A: I am feeling glad that I am giving my message to my youth. Youth is the name of courage and we are included in the country where youth are in excessive amount, unfortunately huge amount of our youth have forgotten their way which was given by our national leaders. I want to say students, pay full attention on education and learn about their laws and rights and keep away from social evils and try to build a new and better leadership. Support our province and learn about our resources and their utilization for the country.