Every Budding Journalist Should Take Keen Interest In History, Current Affairs And Politics: Zafar M

By: Rubab Sarfraz

Zafar Mangi was born on March, 26, 1982 in Kakar, district Dadu .After completing school and college education he did M.A in Mass Communication from Sindh University. Mangi has experience of working in print and electronic media. He worked at Kawish, Radio Pakistan and news agency APP. Presently performing his duties as a Information Officer in Sindh Information Department.

Q: How would you differentiate between theoretical and practical aspects of media?

A: The difference between theoretical and practical field is world wide recognized. During studies a person can develop theoretical approach but when he or she enters the field they have to work according to the policies, principles and instructions made by the owner of the institution.

Q: What type of activities should the students of Mass Communication join during the studies?

 A: I would suggest, during studies the every budding journalist should take keen interest in current affairs, history and political issues. Whatever medium they join make sure they should have a good command over it and should build good relations with the experts of the field of journalism this will lead them towards the bright future.

Q: Is the journalist of today is insecure. What sort of problems does he face?

A: Those who are working in the field of journalism, their lives becomes insecure because of their connections with the political, religious, social, and other persons and organization. Their profession is also affected by the ignorance of society and that's why they could not be independent in their work which is great tragedy. So far question of security and safety is concerned, we can't hold any individual responsible for it.

Q: How can we easily convey our message to the public through media?

A: As you know the audiences of all three mediums are different and I think even in this modern era the importance of radio still exists. First the person should have an idea about the audience and should make sure that which medium is available to the target audience.

Q: What role media is playing in promoting our culture?

A. Pakistani culture is under the influence of western culture, for which I feel pity as Pakistani culture and society is greatly affected which has given birth to many social problems.

Q: What suggestions would you like to give to the new comers in this field?

A: I believe that those who are interested in the field of journalism, they have to work hard and fully devote themselves to their profession, they must follow the guidance and instructions of the experts and seniors of this field. They should keep themselves updated and should have some know how about their field and should be interested in current affairs.