Important Principals May And Must Be Inflexible: Khalid Hayat Nizamani

By: Fazeel Naqvi

Khalid Hayat Nizamani spent his life serving educational institutes, he himself got education from local contemptible institutes. Though, he is dealing with high level students.

He is Ex Controller B.I.S.E Hyderabad 2000 to 2001, retired Professor 19th grade. A: In 1967 I got hired in Khairpur college which is nowadays known as Shah Latif University.

I was there for 1 year only and after that I worked in Larkana Government college, there I also worked for 1 year and then I went to Tando Mohammad Khan in 1974.

Q: Why did you select Chemistry as a subject? As more fields like engineering and medical and others were there?

A: First I tried in medical but was not selected so tried in Sindh University and got admission in Organic Chemistry.

Q: Did you ever try to get more higher education?

A: Yes but because of the 1971 war, all the educational institutes were closed and I could not apply for PhD programme .

Q: How was your life after the war?

A: As a matter of fact war did not affect my life much; I came back to Hyderabad and taught in Degree College Latifabad as lecturer. I worked there for 14 years. I was in touch with Sindh Text Book Board. They used to consult me for writing some books and practical journals of 9th and 10th classes.

Q: Were you transferred to some other college?

A: Yes, I was transferred to Muslim college in 1990 and was associated with them for 10 years.

Q: Tell me more about your work experience?

A: In 2000 I was selected as the controller of examinations in B.I.S.E Hyderabad for one year. After retirement, I again started teaching firstly in Excellence college still I am working with them and also working in three other private colleges.

Q: On which point you lose your temper on students?

A: I mostly get angry on those children who lie to me even if they are my family members, or any of my students they are also like my children but I get extremely angry when they lie to me about anything