Sindh Needs Brave Journalists: Faiz Khoso

By: Sumera Memon

Faiz Ahmed Khoso is a renowned senior journalist, who documented history, archaeology, historical places, and culture of Sindh.

Faiz Ahmed Khoso was born on February 04, 1979 in Jhando Khoso village district Hyderabad .He got his early education at his native village and graduation from University of Sindh.Jamshoro. He has been working for different newspapers, magazines, and TV channels and currently is attached with Kawish and KTN group.

Q. How you started your career?

A: I started my career from Radio Pakistan Hyderabad, my first programme was "Baaren ji Baari" (children programme) later, I became announcer of programme "Manik Moti", which was a great experience for me.

Q. When you started writing for newspaper?

A:  When I was the student of class 7, I used to write my own one-page newspaper namely “Sach” and get distributed it in my village. I wrote about nearly every event, issue, and problems of my village.

Q. How did you enter in this field?

A: Basically, I wanted to become pilot and fly in the sky but unfortunately couldn't pass my physical test, that time I was eager to ride bikes and I usually rode my brother's bike, for which traffic police charged me many times. So I thought to have a press card which would help me to get rid from police harassment. I went to Mahmood Yousfani a senior journalist of Daily Ibrat, he gave me Dawn newspaper to translate some pieces form it into Sindhi. I did it well and then he appointed me as a sub-editor, he was the person who taught me how to write headlines, soft and hard news.

Q. Is today's journalist committed to his profession?

A: We have all kinds of people, some are thieves, some are corrupts but there are also innocent and good people. As journalists are part of the society, some of the journalists are compelled to take bribe to meet their needs, because the media outlets do not pay them enough to live a better life but we can't blame them. In short,most of journalists are committed.

Q. How we can compare Sindhi and Urdu media?

A: Sindhi media have not many resources as compared to Urdu media, it is still being considered regional. We can easily launch a Sindhi channel in USA but still our government tags it as regional.

Q. What qualities should a journalist have?

A: A journalist should understand and identify the basic needs, problems, and issues of society in which he lives, he must be a keen observer, having eagle’s eye and well aware of every field of life as he can write or identify the issue. He must have an ability to present the issues of society in such a manner that message should be conveyed properly and effectively to the receiver. He should make the news story specific and to the point.

Q. How would you describe your experience in making documentaries?

A: While working on documentation, I found many unique qualities of common people, one of them was Afzal Mangerio, who was uneducated but having God-gifted voice, he could make sounds of more than 12 birds and animals. 

Q. Any message for the students of Mass Communication?

A: It is an important department because it creates will and power to raise the voice through media and compels government to respond to people’s problems. In fact, Sindh needs reliable and brave journalists, therefore the students should work with devotion and dedication to make their country proud of them.