Trust And Creative Power Is Strength : Sahar Gul

By: Farkhunda Shaikh

Sahar Gul is a columnist and writer as well. She has been writing on social and cultural issue, and also short stories in Sindhi and poetry in Urdu.

After completing Masters in Philosophy, she started teaching in Philosophy department at Sindh University. She wrote thesis on “Globalization of Jihad”. Beside, she is researcher since eight years working on different topics.

Her researches included “Perception of Pakhtoons about Talibanization”, “Some aspects of Islamic Culture”. For this purpose, she learnt Arabic language. She examined religious TV channels that how they portray Islam? And how Talibanization and extremism have been increased? Are these channels contributing Islam positively? What is the concept of humanity for them or How they taken Non-Muslims? Presently she is doing PhD from Karachi University in philosophy; her topic is “Nationalism”. She also did short courses on Persian and German language.

Q: How would you describe your personality in five words?

A: Punctual, hardworking, active, sincere and confident.

Q: What are you doing presently?

A: Actually I am a consultant. This is different kind of job; I am “Head of Project Evaluator”. I do not work consistently because of my PhD; therefore, the short term consultancy is much easier for me. I am just connected to international NGOs, where I am working with an “International Firm” and the organization always hire me whenever work relates to Pakistan which is highly paid. I have got 2 to 3 assignments in one year and important is to evaluate and research on that topic.

Q: Do you have any eminent idea that enthusiast you to complete it in next five years?

A: There are two tasks which I like most; one is my thesis work and other belongs to my literary life. I read and write regarding literary life. This is very delicate and interesting subject for me. But second one is quite tough, like I am doing work on “Nationalism” and I am researching, how Sindh can live peacefully with diverse ethnic groups in Pakistani Nationalism? Hopefully I will finish my thesis in July 2015. In my PhD thesis, I will try to find out the outcome, how the cosmopolitan Sindh can follow the same path? Previously, I have read many books of histories and I just conclude one thing about parties, belonging from different ethnic groups, need some motivational speech and guidance through which these people probably come close to each other.

Q: What is your philosophy of teaching?

A: It should be interactive. Teaching is a hypothetical skill. So, it is only possible by serious involvement of teacher and student. Understanding between student and teacher will create a good environment in class.

Q: What is your greatest strength?

A: My greatest strength is all my trust and creative power. I have lot of writing work and yet I am working on dialogue of philosophy which is like a short novel so I feel that it is a strong point. Further, I am in favor of introducing philosophy as compulsory subject. Student of any field must aware from this subject because if they will learn pure philosophy, Histomology and Metaphysics their work will be different from others. Likewise, it is very beneficial for every media person. Philosophy is a subject that helps journalist to understand politics while it tells different ideas and rules that person can easily get the story from depth.

Q: Describe a typical period of your student life and how you handled the situation?

A: There was a lack of career counseling opportunities when I was in college so being a student I get bored. But in university there is a permanent situation for every girl. The only challenges and problems that females tolerate particularly related to mind-set of male. Therefore, girls need to handle the situation very smartly. At this stage it is necessary for female to understand the attitude and deeds of guy, if someone gives you a special favor and attention you should not take it on mind, you have to be very diplomatic.

Q: What inspired you that you got involved in different fields?

A: There were dynamic activities which entered me in this field. I was quite young when I came in to politics, that time my work was different and interesting. I was only 13 years old when my brother took me in a protest which was against controversial water project Kalabagh Dam. My interest began to increase from here. My brother engaged me into education and suggested that you should teach women in future. He gave me different literature books and made me busy in my mission which helped me in intellectual development. I joined a party but being biased I left it when I was 18, but still I have interest in politics.

Q: How could you manage a lot of things so efficiently?

A: I can perform every task easily because I am very punctual of my time and work.

Q: What rules media should follow in terms of society?

A: Journalists should be very objective because they are the representative of society; therefore, they have to guide people in an efficient and ethical way, they need to follow rules as well as ethics in their work.