Patience And Concentration Builds A GMicrobiologist: Dr Asad Noor

By: Atif Mustafa Qureshi

Agha Asad Noor Pathan was born at Shikarpur on 8th December 1964. He received early education from Shikarpur, his B.SC Hons and M.SC from Sindh University followed by MPhil from Quaid e Azam University Islamabad.

His PhD in Bio Technology was also from University of Sindh in 2007-2008. He has been teaching Microbiology since last seventeen years. He is the renowned personality of teaching profession in Microbiology field. Dr Agha was recently promoted as Chairman of Microbiology Department University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

Q: Why did you choose Microbiology, was it your choice or you came accidentally in this field?

A: I wanted to be doctor but my destiny guided me to be a professor of Micro Biology and I am here now sitting in front of you.

Q: In the field of research what all is your contribution as far as role of Microbiology in our daily life is concerned?

A: There is long list of my research activities, as my research started in 1995 and still they are continued, but few of them I would mention here which I feel are related to our daily life. In 1995 I worked about the production from Molasses (it is a viscous by-product of the refining of sugarcane, grapes, or sugar beets into sugar.) Then in 1999 -2000 I worked about the viability and growth rate of bacteria. In 2001 I conducted research on the Protease producing Bacteria.( It begins protein catabolism in human body.) In 2006 I researched about Patho-clinical studies of Coliforms E.coli: A Model Pathogen of Human Infections. These are just few of them. My research list can be seen for reference from Sindh University web site.

Q: What is scope of Microbiology in Pakistan?

A: Microbiology plays an important role in health industry, food and fermentation .Exploring the new techniques in the field of Plant Sciences, Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Bio Technology, Bio Medical Sciences, Clinical laboratories etc.

Q: What is the impact of micro biology in our daily life?

A: “Microbiology influences in our daily life. It starts from our eating and ends with death. Even in grave micro organisms takes part in decay of the body.”

Q: Any advice for upcoming students of Microbiology?

A: As you know, the Era coming ahead is the era of science and technology so its scope is very vast; the only need is to realize the importance of Microbiology.

Q: What qualities should a Microbiologist have?

 A: A Microbiologist should have strong scientific ability, be able to work methodologically and to a high level of precision. Patience and good concentration also plays an important role in building good Microbiologist.

Q: What are your current and future plans for Microbiology students?

A: We have established fully air conditioned seminar library, two multi media rooms for facilitation of students. In the field of studies, we have started teaching two new disciplines of Micro Biology i.e. Clinical and Industrial Micro Biology. Two batches are doing their M.Phil and we have planned to start P.HD from January 2014