Time To Think For Future: Dr Ghulam Murtaza Dahri

By: Huma Qureshi

Dr Ghulam Murtaza Dahri is a person of dynamic and revolutionary spirit was born on July 30th, 1988 at Moro. He did MBBS from Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences Jamshoro in 2006.

Dr. Dahri topped in Sindh Public Service Commission exam for selection of doctors. Now he is a medical officer BPS-17 in CCU Naushahro Feroz.

Q: Why did you choose medical field as a profession?

Ans: Purpose of my choice primarily was to acquire knowledge which would serve my nation secondarily it has a bright future ahead; in the last it gives a feeling of satisfaction as I feel.

Q: What is your opinion about the scope of medical field?

Ans: Health system is the most important pillar of any country's development. Scope of medical field is evergreen and it has the most dramatic impact on country, a medical professional himself can be the icon of community.

Q: Why people give more preference to Allopathic instead of homeopathic?

Ans: Allopathic medicine is comparatively more advanced and sophisticated; medicines are properly scrutinized pharmacological giving better relief to the patients.

Q: What should be done to provide better healthcare facilities throughout the country?

Ans: Provision of health facilities is the basic human right, medicines should be given free of cost to the patients and health system should be upgraded with the implementation of laws because a secure environment can give a better platform for both medical and paramedical staff.

Q: What are the reasons of spreading of diseases in Pakistan?

Ans: Disease spread is usually related to the communicable diseases. Pakistan suffers from the problems of sanitation, water pollution, use of unsterilized instruments these issues once if get resolved would solve the problem of disease spread.

Q: Who is your ideal person and what inspiration do you get from him?

Ans: My father is my ideal personality; whatever I am today is because of him. His encouragement and close monitoring on what I am doing and how much I have to studied and what is left for, I wish if I would be father I will be like him.

Q: What is the memorable event of your life?

Ans: When Sindh Public Service Commission announced final result and I secured 1st position in the province in the exam.

Q: What message you want to convey to the youth of Pakistan?

Ans: We Pakistanis have been gifted with the charms of nature; my dear youth this is time to think for future and to make it more beautiful, work hard in every field and be determined with your aims and objectives.