Dont Waste Time And Work With Sincerity:Sahana Mumtaz

By: Tooba Naz

Punctuality of time is very important in the life. Shahana Mumtaz is punctual at everything. She was born in Rajput Bhatti family in Rawalpindi. Her family shifted to Sindh after two months of her birth because of her father's job. Shahana looks pretty, innocent, has low pitch voice and is a very cool minded and gentle lady.

She did her Bsc from government college Hyderabad and Masters from University of Sindh, Post Majestic Diploma in clinical psychology from Karachi University and later did her M.Phil from University of Sindh. Now she is enrolled in PhD studies at Hamdard University.

Shahana has been teaching since 1995, first as a private school teacher then she appointed at University of Sindh as a Research Associate (R.A) and after that Assistant professor. She has 19 years teaching experience.

Shahana said “Psychology is my favorite subject and I am interested to learn and to teach psychology, through it we learn about human behavior and psyche of the people”.

She gives more importance to psychology because it is related to our mentality and helps us to interpret the world. “I

 am too much interested in Psychology and especially for adolescence problems that infant children face during childhood and through psychology we can help those people who are suffering from psychological problems” she says.

Shahana Mumtaz believes that every subject has its own importance, in the same way Psychology also has its importance in the society.

It is helpful for us in Educational and Industrial field, Political perspectives, Business relationships, Criminology and Social problems. Soon she will get her PhD degree from Hamdard University that will be a memorable day for her and one of the greatest achievements in life.

 She is desirous to work as a psychologist and wants to do work related to the field of Psychology, especially for the adolescence.

She believes that in Psychology department there must be some activities related to the subject, guidance centre, laboratories, solve problems through a suitable guidance.

Shahana says that her Emotional Quotient (E.Q) more than her Intelligence Quotient (I.Q) and it is depending upon the situation.

Her message for youth is that please don't waste your precious time and do your work with sincerity, must utilize your time in a proper manner and focus on it, this will help you to brighten your future. Children must have to be obedient and thankful to their parents.