Not Years But Life That Counts:Noor Azher Jaffery

By: Hina Hameed

Everybody has free time in life but a few of us have art to make it useful. Most of senior citizens after retirement become bore from their life, but Noor Azher Jaffery is still a lively guy and believes that it is not the years that count in your life, it's the life that count in your years.

Noor Azher Jaffery has ever green heart. He is basically Rajisthani, at the time of partition his family settled in Hyderabad at Shahwani mohalla. Tall, heighted and jolly Jaffery, seems as Waheed Murad of Radio.

Although he is Hyderabadian but his fantasy is still like the glithering desert dunes of Thar. Including his soft nature, the most prominent quality of his personality is that he is fond of tourism.

His majestic voice on-air is the beauty of almost all cities of Pakistan and some foreign countries as well. He often said “tourism is in my nature and I'm ever ready for tourism even now”. As he is fond of tourism so he believes that reading a good book is like taking a journey.                                                     

This Rajisthani tourist initiated his professional career in 1964 as announcer and drama artist in Radio Pakistan Hyderabad. He is born broadcaster. His voice is perfect for Radio as it generates enthusiasm. He did M.A in Journalism from University of Sindh and become permanent staff artist at radio station. Generally people get frustrated from postings but he felt pleasure.

He achieved promotions many times in his career, in Lahore as producer, in Khuzdar as senior producer, in Karachi as program manager, in Islamabad as Deputy Controller for one year. 

At that time Khuzdar was totally a dead station but by his efforts ply new bias. His shining career comes to its end in 2005 while working in his home town of Radio.

Jaffery is one of the leading names in the world of radio. Radio is the theater of mind. Noor Sahab has ability to create the imagination by the magic of his voice, his dialogue delivery and way of announcing increased the number of actives.

He is the pioneer producer of many famous programs like 52272, Sawal yeh ha, Bazz Gashhat, Chalta phirta Pakistan, Shaar o nagma and Raang barrangi duniya are the programs that give flavor to the world of radio. He nourishes every corner of Radio as writer, poet, announcer, and actor.

One of his leading achievements is that he is the best drama producer. His greatest work for youth is that he translated “Shah jo Risalo “ in Urdu language.

Noor had crazed to join Radio from his childhood. Iqbal sahab was his ideal. At that time he put homemade radio near his ears at night and awake by listening the voice of Iqbal Jaffery.

We have a lot of stuff to learn from his life. He passes his time by reading books, writing and in speaking meaningful words. His message for youth is to have character building and advised to be useful for society.