Famous Places Of Larkana

By: Yusra Shahani

Every country has some places which are worth seeing. These places actually add to the beauty of this world. It is a well known fact that beautiful sites of any country also count for the higher ranking of its respective country.


Besides famous locations, the art and culture of any country also increases the beauty of any country. Pakistan, also has many famous places in Sindh province. One of those famous places is the Larkana city, which itself is known as “The city of famous places”.

Larkana is one of the oldest cities of Pakistan and is also called Bhutto's city due to struggle of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He developed this city further more by contributing many famous places in Larkana. Some of the well known are Jinnah Bagh, Zulfiqar Bagh, Cricket Stadium, The Great Shahnawaz Bhutto Library and Shaikh Zaid shopping center.

Resham Gali of Larkana is also very famous. Many people, especially women go there for shopping. The street of Resham Gali gets very crowded during the occasions of eid, particularly chand rat.

Other important part of Larkana city is the Jinnah Bagh. Every morning, people come there to get fresh air, walk, amusement and jogging. It is a family place in Larkana.

It is a gathering venue for many others as well. It is known as the center of Larkana city. People gather here for enjoyment and outing. They eat the famous Pakoras, Samosas, chaat, haleem and many other food items there. It also has a wide playground for children. The famous colleges and schools are also by the sides of Jinnah Bagh. 

Many famous bakeries are also located near Jinnah Bagh. The Nadra and Kaim Shah Bukhari Peer show the elegance of Larkana city.

It is an open truth that Larkana city has many famous places which not only increase the beauty of Larkana or Sindh but it contributes to the beauty of whole Pakistan.