Karachi Beach, A Place To Cherish

By: Iqbal Jarwar

Our mother land Sindh is generously awarded by nature with many beautiful places, green lands and lakes. Among these, Karachi Beach is also one, where we can find waves moving up and down, people jogging, swimming, spending their leisure time and eating fast food.

A large number of people come to spend holidays and vacations at this beautiful spot because the natural environment of Karachi allows people to enjoy their pass time at this beautiful location.

The Karachi Beach is a perfect place to visit, which is located at the coast of Arabian Sea. It is calm and soothing place where waves which might seem quite, have so much noise in them that several times people get afraid of these giant ripples of water.

Sometimes, situation gets fierce, when people try to cross the marked limits for enjoying and swimming in the beach side water. Thus, they become victims of mighty waves.

A lot of refreshment is served to people by food chains like Pizza Hut, Mc Donalds. People seek pleasure by riding horses, camels and floating boats.

After sun set, normally people think that it might appear dark but let me tell you it is so bright there that you might find a dropped common pin.

Sometimes weather becomes pleasant due to slow rainfall or drizzling. Huge crowds visit the beach when it drizzles to celebrate the beautiful moments.

The beach fascinates the visitors and it was counted among the beautiful beaches of world till the oil spill occurred in 1903. It produced hygienic threats both for aquatic life and human beings.

The government needs to pay due attention in this regard and also develop security arrangements so as to stamp out the tourist's troubles together with insuring peaceful and clean atmosphere to the people.

Karachi Beach is one of the most beautiful locations of Pakistan and Sindh. But each year, due to negligence of Karachiites and relevant authorities, many lose their lives. Such incidence, make this bestowed natural site, a curse for mankind.