Women Are Better Drivers Than Men

By: Prih Bukhari

Women driving has become common particularly in the west. Earlier it was considered that driving is men's job but now as world has progressed modernized so, women have not only came forward in male dominant working field but have also started driving personal vehicles as well as commercial and has discouraged the thought. Though women have came forward and have proven themselves in every walk of life.

Generally it is believe that women are not good at driving and cause accidents. For years, it has been the same argument.

But in fact it is proven wrong by insurance companies and they have the data for ready reference.

“All the evidence raise points that young males having riskier driving habits than young females. Men between the ages of 16 and 25 are much more likely to be involved in accidents, or be cited for traffic violations," explains Insurance.com VP, Sam Belden. "Insurance companies bear this kind of behavior in mind when quoting rates."

Insurance.com's own data supports this, too. Based upon information provided by consumers in the first half of 2008, Insurance.com reports that 68% of women have low traffic violations

versus 64% of men. Of those reporting violations, 30% of women have 1-3 traffic violations versus 33% of men, we've heard all the jokes about female drivers but we've consoled ourselves with the theory that women are safer on the roads than men, and less likely to be in an accident.

Yes, women do suffer more than male and get injured but it's not because of their driving it is all because of cars safety features which are designed by men with male drivers in mind.

The researchers also noted that "a higher risk of lower extreme injuries reported for female drivers as a result of their relatively short stature, preferred seating posture and a combination of these factors yielding lower safety protection from the standard restraint devices."

No doubt in other aspect women are physically weaker than men which may cause difficulty in driving for example while driving alone they may face the problems of looting or mechanical faults in car which she can't handle alone but these issues are not enough to judge that women cant drive and they should not be allowed to drive.

Actually driving is not a curse but it is personality developer which is equally good for both men and women. It helps women to be independent so that they can perform their duties easily. This

is the reason that now some developing countries give opportunities to ladies in field of driving so that they may use it as their source of income . The most recent examples are of a MARIUM AL SAFAR lady of middle east who is appointed as a first lady train driver and of some Indian ladies who are driving rickshaws professionally, even traditionally trucking has been viewed as a male dominated industry, but in the past five years, women have become a growing presence in the trucking world. And its is proven by (VMR International, 2001) that the overall percentage of female drivers is rising, while percentage of male drivers is decreasing.