Top-notch Expenses

By: Maham Umer

The room decorated with yellow and green colour paper flowers. Film music in high volume and girls were decorating the Mehndi Thaal, a perfect eve just before Mehndi function.  Mehndi function is an extraordinary fun, entertainment and celebrations. Wedding event is celebrated with great joy and pleasure.

''The highest happiness on earth is marriage'', says William Lyon Phelps.

Matches are made in heaven but meet and celebrate here on earth.

The bride and the groom are the main attention. Especially the bridal dresses are colorful and eye dazzling with matching ornaments, jewelry and an embroided bridal dress which catches the eye. In past the wedding preparations used to start months before and each member of the family and relative used take responsibilities with cheerfulness and contribute in preparing dowry, teams dance like Luddi, Bhangra, performed on Dhol etc but in today's society the wedding events and celebrations are reduced and limited to weeks due to fast and busy life, but the charm of wedding has not minimised. Today people enjoy for short time and get back to homes as soon as possible as this is their first preference.

Due to changes in trends, the expenses on weddings have hit the highest point specially the dowry that includes clothes, furniture, jewelry and many other items. The groom's parents also have to bear a lot of expenses in the shape of gifts to the bride and her family. A first-rate marriage is like a four star hotel expenses, but worth it!

There are too many customs and traditions like Mehndi, Mayun, Ubtan apart of Nikah and Valima offered in our wedding ceremonies which were adopted from Indian culture. These rituals are meant for having fun.

Overall, wedding is the memorable event for the wedding couple and their families and which deserves to be enjoyed.