Keenjhar Lake, Yesterday And Today

By: Rizwan Ali Brohi

The land of Sindh is rich in beautiful manifestations and Keenjhar Lake is also one of them.

In 1958, a big change occurred in the area when old villages and historical places were inundated. As a result, new villages came on the face of earth.

So it was expanded to 101 square kilometers and connected with another lake “Soonheri”.

Keenjhar is the deepest lake of Sindh and the second biggest lake of country.

The new era of Keenjhar brought new hopes. The production of fish was quickly increased, as in entire country the fish was being supplied from this lake. Besides fisherman other communities also adopted fishing as a profession.

Later, situation turned worst when fish production declined gradually. Fishermen of Keenjhar now hanker to see fishes like; Morakho, Theli, Kurerhi etc.

The major reasons behind it are throwing of acidic material from the mills of Kotri site area into Kotri downstream and flow of waste material into Keenjhar Lake from the factories of Nooriabad through rain water drains broke during rain. That is harmful for aquatic life.

According to local people flow of waste material and contaminated water into Keenjhar Lake caused death of fish at macro level.

The Fisheries Department is silent over this current state of affairs. They have stopped pouring the feed in Keenjhar from hatchery plant. According to experts, they had left umber of seeds in the lake but due to effete (feeble) capacity, they are unable to survive in river.

Recently, an amazing change came in the fate of Keenjhar Lake when after eight years of drought this year brought an adequate amount of heavy rain.

Fisheries Department should protect fish production and take some immediate measures for the increasing number of fish and provision of facilities like nets on barrages, creeks etc to fishermen.

Fishermen must be provided awareness about modern and scientific methods of fishing.

Meanwhile, polluted acidic material should not be thrown in the lake; there is need of great care.

The government should take effective steps for providing facilities and to reduce the amount of waste product being thrown into Keenjhar Lake.

Lack of attention on the part of government and people have left this beautiful lake to doom into the clouds of extinction.

Green lawns and proper management would be a great deal of soothing environment. Visitors would come in a large number which contribute to our economy and may prove helpful to preserve our culture.