Preservation Of Heritage In National Obligation : Naseem Akther Jalbani

By: Bilawal Jalbani

Madam Naseem Akhtar Jalbani belong to village Haji Dariya Khan Jalbani, Naushahro Feroz, sindh. Now she is working as conservation officer Department of Culture, Tourism and antiquities, Government of Sindh .One of her Marvellous work is to establish Zafar Kazmi Art and craft Gallery at Sindh Provincial Museum Hyderabad.

Q: Tell us about your educational background?

Ans: I completed my initial education from Hyderabad then I got admission in Mehran University in Architecture Department.

Q: When did you join Architecture and museum Department?

Ans: During my study at MUET I was interested in Ancient Architecture (Built heritage) and history of art. I joined Department of Archeology and Museums Government of Pakistan in 1991.

Q: Any award on your account?

Ans: I attained best Archeological Asian award from UNESCO in 1993.

Q: When did you join Cultural department and put some light on some of your achievement after joining department?

Ans: After training, I continued conservation work at Moen- jo -Daro and participated in many conferences. Later, in 1995 I joined Sindh Cultural Department and worked in provincial museum and prepared documentation work on cultural objects, one of my appreciated achievement is the establishment of five more galleries in Sindh Museum Hyderabad, specially Zafar Kazmi Art and Craft gallery. Till today I hold more than 200 exhibitions on different topics.

Q: How Archeology and cultural department is important for Sindh?

Ans: To preserve the heritage and culture is the pride of any nation, every nation possess own culture ,tradition, heritage ,archeology, language ,etc as Sindh has rich heritage of thousands of years old ,the Indus Civilization, and it's our responsibility to save our heritage for our identity and future generations.
Sindh has two world heritage sites Moen Jo Daro and Makli Necropolis, we from the platform of cultural department are working to save our heritage.

Q: Any hobby or your interest other than government job?

Ans: Yes, I am also engaged in the welfare of special children from the platform of Special Friends for Special Children. I am also actively participating in Women Action Form for the rights of suppressed and poor women and their uplift in society.

Q: What message would you like to give for youth?

Ans: Work hard, be honest in your studies and value the time for your bright future