Don’t Work For Money, Work For Honour : Dr Habibullah Abbasi

By: Hina Hameed

Dr. Habib Ullah Abbasi is an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Science, University of Sindh. He did Bachelors in I.T from University of Sindh .Dr.Abbasi did M.Phil (2007) and Ph.D (2011) in Environmental Science and now serving a marvelous job in teaching and research field.

His trainings includes “Remote Sensing and G.I.S (Geographical Information System)” from SPARCO, Karachi and other one in “Climate and Environmental modeling” from University of PIAS, Islamabad. Many of his research papers have been published in national and international journals.


Q: What is your work in research?

A:  My 35 research papers have been published in national and international journals, out of which 15 are recognized by International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) and other, are recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Y and W category.

Q: What is the outflank time during your Ph.D study?

A: The outflank time was the day when I did the survey of forests from Guddu to Kharochan (Thatta), as I learned a lot from this survey.

Q:  How you started your career?

A: I started my career from Islamabad in Atomic Energy Commission as a scientific officer. Later I joined Quaid-e-Awam University Nawabshah, where I worked as Assistant Professor from 2011-2012. and in 2012 I joined the University of Sindh.

Q: what is the scope of Environmental Science in Media Studies?

A: Now a day, Climatic issues are the major problem of our society so Environmental Science studies ply the basis of the Environment, with the help of which journalist understands the climatic issues.

Q: What major changes occurred in the weather pattern of Hyderabad during last 10 years?

A:  An extensive change has occurred in the weather pattern of Hyderabad in summer as a result of which temperature of Hyderabad increases along with duration as before some years, summer duration in Hyderabad was from May to September but now summer duration is from March to November and  it is due to increase  in urbanization and Industrialization.

Q:  Are there some policies for the protection of the environment?

A:  Yes of course, there is an agency name, “Environmental Protection Agency” which prepare health and safety policies.

Q:  What sorts of diseases occur due to the radiations coming through the Ozone hole?

A: As ultraviolet rays come through ozone hole which are very much harmful for human health and it causes skin diseases like infections and eye problem like cataract.

Q: What is the most memorable event in your educational life?

A: The most memorable event is that during Bachelors in Information Technology studies, I prepared “Unicode Based Dictionary” which is from English to Sindhi and Sindhi to English.

Q: Why you prefer teaching and research field instead of industry work?

A: Teaching is my family profession, my father was a professor and my family members also belong to this field so I realized that I have the guts in teaching and research field instead of working in industrial side.

Q: What is your precious message for our youth?

A: Don't work for money, work for honour.