Use Your Time Wisely Else You Will Be Left Behind: Naeem Ahmed

By: Imran Sahito

Naeem Ahmed was born in late 70's in a small sleepy rural settlement in central Sindh. He got his early education from native district and higher education from Hyderabad and Karachi. After completing studies, he joined public service.

Q: Highlight some of your educational achievements?

A: I got my early education primary to Intermediate from government schools and colleges located in my native district Naushahro Feroze. Back in those days government schools had good reputation and faculty was dedicated, then I pursued my bachelors degree (B.Com) from, University of Sindh, MA in Economics from SALU Khairpur, MBA Finance from IBA Karachi.I preferred self-study and relied very little on lectures. I just used to get topic and major points from class lectures but study thoroughly in library. My academic exams results were within top ten in the class. On the other side in entry tests and recruitment tests my results had always been among the top, falling within top five.

Q: Did you face any difficulty during commission exams?

A: Competitive exams are always tough and require top-notch preparation and extensive, highly focused study. Remembering event dates, names etc require continuous study and revisions. So revisions are not always fun for me at least that was the case.

Q: What things you feel as hurdle to continuity of your work?

A: I was appointed as Mukhtiarkar on 11 November 2011 at Mehrabpur. There are certain things that I don't like in professional life but mainly things which disturb my work continuity are political pressure, extra work load, insufficient staff and poor infrastructure.

Q: Would you like to share some of your most memorable moments?

A: My memorable moment is solo mountain hikes of icy Himalayan peaks in Kaghan Valley. That environ of solitude and tranquility is impossible to define.

Q: What inspired you to opt for civil service?

A: In civil service, you are able to directly serve the masses. If I can lessen their suffering and help in solving their problems, that gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Q: Some guidance for competitive exam preparations?

A: In our times when internet was not the norm getting guidance and help for competitive exam preparation was a bit difficult. But now notes, hints and tips regarding competitive exams are available on numerous forums and web pages. Online data and information is huge but challenge is to sift the right one.

Q: What is your message for our youth?

A: My message is, today opportunities are few and the competition is cut-throat. Modern easy entertainment like television and internet are likely to cause you to fall prey to time wasting. So use your precious time wisely or you will be left behind in this competitive race