By: Faiza Otho

Albeena Qazi is an economist and assistant professor in Department of Economics, University of Sindh, Jamshoro. She did her matriculation from St. Mary's School, didher of B.A and M.A, Economics from University of Sindh. Mrs. Qazi was a topper as well as gold medalist in the faculty. She served as the incharge of Department of Economics.


Q: When did your interest start in economics?

A: After passing intermediate, as you know, everyone wants to be a doctor or an engineer but I was not selected for Liaquat University. So I chose this field. The environment here was good and gradually, my interest increased in this field.

Q: When we compare Pakistan's economic status with other developed countries, where do we stand? 

A: As a matter of fact, we are backward. Here in Pakistan, due to imposition of martial law, our economy suffered a lot. We have to work very hard and we need space for it.

Q: What are the hurdles Pakistan's economy faces?

A: Terrorism is one of the basic hurdles. Other have been international monetary loans and political instability. Access of goods for international market for competition because the imports are less and exports are more. It affects the balance of payments.

Q: What are the key ingredients if we want to improve our country's economy?

A: Main thing is political stability, reduce poverty and increase employment rate.

Q: What qualities a person must have if he wants to join this field?

A: Interest, knowledge and honesty. At the start I didn't have interest in it but the environment which I got here drew my interest in this field.

Q: As Prime Minister said that “2014 would be better for Pakistan's economy than preceding years”, what is your opinion about that?

A: As an economist and observer, previously his economic policies were good but due to martial law we couldn't continue these policies. Verily, he is going well as he developed new policies like youth loan scheme etc.

Q: You are motivation for females. What message do you want to give them?

A: Be honest, your conscience should be clear and you should be sincere with your duty. We should keep in mind that always try to earn rizq-e-halal. Moreover, personal and professional lives should be balanced equally.

Q: What message do you want to give to young generation?

A: Work hard because it's an era of competition where you must prove yourself.