From Medical Rap TO Journalist

By: Kausar Ali

Musawir shahid is a senior journalist of Hyderabad.He did schooling from Noor Mohammad high school, Hyderabad and M.A in Journalism from University of Sindh, also did M.Com and MBA (diploma) from UOS.

He started his career in journalism under Syed Akhtar Ali Shah the founder and editor of Daily Pasban. He has been serving in this field since last 25 years.


Q:  Why did you choose this field?

A: I love to travel and this field was only way to fulfill my dream of traveling. I have traveled all around the Pakistan.


Q: Can you tell us the scope and importance of your field?

A: If you take interest in this field there is a scope. Journalist must have good personal relations, talking power and knowledge. Work more and more, master your techniques and you will be polished. Nowadays there is a demand of journalists.


Q: Any job you did before joining media?

A: I started traveling with a medical company “Bliss” as a deputy manager than I thought this was not the field where I can travel freely and that was not my goal so I left that company and started my career as a journalist.


Q: Briefly tell me about your career in media?

A: I started my career by working in Daily Aghaz newspaper in 1971 after that I joined Pakistan Press International (PPI) in 1977. My duty was with the VIPs and the experience was very good, I worked there for 15 years. Later, I joined Pakistan Press Foundation in 1992 where I appointed as senior network coordinator of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir and worked for 9 years. After that I joined Pasban Press in 2001 and elected as Vice President of press club Hyderabad in 2012 and still working there as well.


Q: As journalist you met many personalities share some experience?

A: I met many personalities including Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, general Zia-ul-Haq and Mohammad Khan Junejo they all were great personalities.


Q7: Any message for youth?  

A: If you want to be a good journalist you should know the history from where you belong and your social network have to be strong and know the inn's and out's of the political workers