Writing Skills Shows Power Of Skills: Saleem Azad

By: Raza Laghari

Senior journalist Saleem Azad was born in 1952 at Mirpurkhas. Azad studied commerce at the same time he started his journalism career in 1972 from Daily Aman. He worked in Daily Masawat and Al Fateh weekly magazine of Irshad Rao which was forcibly closed down by then military regim. In 1995 he joined Jang group and still working as senior district reporter at Mirpurkhas. He contributed articles and columns on different issues.


Q: How would you describe the state of Rural Journalism today?

A: The conditions of Rural Journalism are improving because Sindhi Media and Sindhi speaking journalists are playing positive role and promoting Rural Journalism. Rural areas are dominated by feudals. Somehow Ali Kazi and others are playing effective role for Rural Journalism.


Q: It is generally believed journalists earn money through illegal means. What is your opinion?

A: Some non professional journalists belong to cheap and primary media groups where they have poor check and balance system are involved in such practices. Journalists working with Dawn, Kawish, and Jang are not involved in such acts, because their organizations have strict check and balance system.


Q: What is importance of Rural Journalism in Sindh?

A: Majority of population lives in rural areas and major issues in rural areas are poverty, health, women issues and so on. So, I would say that a journalist of rural areas should be very active and know the geography, basic rights, issues and problems of his town.


Q: How can media play role for social change in rural areas?

A: Media is playing a vital role in social change. Electronic media highlights many rural issues, shows their rights, and trying to promote education in rural areas. Few channels celebrate education weeks.


Q: Why educated journalists prefer to work in cities instead of their hometowns?

A:  Everyone wants to be a successful and so in media, while media groups do not show interest in rural journalists therefore they feel discouraged and move to metro cities to come close to the media groups. 


Q: What message you want to give to budding journalists?

A: Budding Journalists should have strong grip on current issues, should be honest and loyal with their motherland. Writing power is most important for journalists because the potential of writing shows the power of news