Media Need To Reduce Race For Rating

By: Sabahat-us-saba

Qazi Asif is a journalist and trainer of electronic and print media. He hails from Larkana. After doing intermediate from Larkana,  graduated in Political Science from University of Sindh and Masters from Shah Latif University. He has been serving media since 1990. Currently, he is the bureau chief of News One TV.


Q. Why have you chosen media field?

A: I joined media accidentally, I was writer, and used to write for children.  I was fresh graduated and was working with Ghazala Mansoori. In an exhibition I met Begum Mumtaz Rashdi, w/o Pir Ali Mohammed Rashdi, she was impressed by my hardwork and asked if I wanted to know about my interests and future etc. She also suggested to come to Karachi. I told her I want to live in Karachi and  had applied in Jang. At that time, Jang had more fame. She contacted the Jang office and requested to give me a chance and I was selected. Media was not my choice but everyone wants to work for a reputed organization and wishes  to meet personalities, I also wished the same.

Q. What difficulties does a reporter face?

A: Neutrality is a big issue. A reporter should be sincere, responsible to his readers and job. If you are a reporter you must have to face criticism and difficulties from people.

Q. How will you compare Electronic and Print media?

A: I think Electronic media has an easy approach; even an illiterate person can listen and understand through watching it, but even though Print media also has an important role, it has basic journalistic ethics.

Q. In this competitive era, does media give accurate news?

A: In the race of breaking news, we have lost accuracy in electronic media; we need to reduce race of rating among media groups and to be careful about media ethics.

Q. How will you define today's media in Pakistan?

A: Today many events are happening in the world and in country but media only highlight one or two issues; media is not keeping an eye on other happenings. Another negative point of our media is a live coverage, there are many unethical words being uttered by speakers on TV that must be deleted, but it can't be in live reporting that is not good for our viewers.

Q. Why don't media's professional organizations like A.P.N.S and P.F.U.J play any role?

A: They worked before Musharraf era. During General Zia's regime, they launched movement of “freedom of Press”. P.F.U.J had a big role in it. Recently during that freedom movement we were arrested because we were against the ban of Electronic media channels and spent 24 hours in prison.

Q. What is the role of media in emerging issues?

A: Media's role is to give 100% facts and that must be neutral, but our media is giving somehow 80% positive news and creates more than 20%  issues. Marathon transmission should be controlled. If I remember the past event, for which media was in a row to get a single scene of Sania Mirza's wedding and at the same time 18th Amendment was signed but media didn't show that important scenario coverage.

Q. Today media organistaions lack unity in media they are divided, why?

A: For the sake of getting rank and race of being number one, we are divided; we need to highlight the issues of society. Also inside media we should decide parameters and self censorship.