Wining Without Risk Is A Triumph Without Glory:Saeed Afzaal

By: Muhammad Daniyal

Syed Saeed Afzaal working with Daily Kawish is a senior crime reporter of Hyderabad. After completing his graduation from Govt Degree Colleg, Hyderabad he joined journalism in1989.

 He started reporting career from Daily Safeer an Urdu newspaper under supervision of senior journalist Sohail Sangi and later joined Daily Kawish.

Q: Briefly share about your profession.

A: Till 80s, journalism was commitment but now it has become profession with commercialization. It depends on reporters, editors, owners and other media persons that how they consider it. Because, now it has become industry and everyone thinks in financial terms.

Q: Why you chose journalism as career?

A: It was not my choice, as I wanted to run my business. But due to some problems, I could not start it. I got opportunity in Safeer so availed it and became journalist.

Q: As a crime reporter, what task you have to do?

A: Our work depends on investigation and offense. We have to focus on minor to major case in the city.

Q: Reporting crime is risky job, you ever received threats from criminal?

A: We get threatening remarks on calls or messages by different people. But no one tried to injure or kill me.

Q: Share any incident of crime reporting which is memorable for you?

A: There is village near Husri, Hyderabad where Lala Mohiyuddin Pathan tried to occupy a land of a widow with the help of a major in 1992. I kept reporting and disclosed this case. After investigation, actual points were disclosed that her husband was killed by the major and Lala. Their purpose was to snatch the lands from woman but they did not succeed. During reporting, I needed help to protect myself because at that time, no one had rights to speak against the law enforcers. The print media supported me. I got appreciation certificate and shields from Kawish.

Q: Does police cooperate with you?

A: Police never cooperates with us. If you are a reporter, you should be public servant. You should have talent of investigation. If not, no one will support you.

Q7: Any advice for the students of Mass Communication?

A: Urdu and Sindhi journalism has not much scope while English journalism has its importance, both at national and international level. So, if you are interested in journalism try to improve your English skills and make your career brighter.