Say No To Drugs

By: Yousuf Mughal

Today addiction has become one of the biggest problems of our society. It has severe effects on youth. Youth is the key to success of any nation but it is really worrying fact that generation between the age of 16 to 24 years are taking drugs.

 Drugs are like slow poison, killing our society.

 Smoking is considered to be the first stage of drug consumption. Then gutka, main poori and some other type of drugs, some of them such as hashish and cocaine are also taken through cigarette. Nowadays the drugs users are much attracted by the cocaine and it has become one of the most used drugs in world. Initially, it was used as the pain killer medicine but later, it become drug. Mostly People take drugs because of stress and tension, it might be family problem, business issue or the inner state of dejection. Some  people take drugs for enjoyment and fun initially and later they are trapped and it becomes their need and start destroying them physically, socially and mentally. Police reports suggest that drug users are mostly found involved in crimes like robbery and terrorism to meet their needs of buying drugs. These all acts earn negative impact on their families.

According to Syed Zulfiqar Hussain, a consultant working with the Anti Narcotics Campaign there is no accurate figures regarding the number of drug users in the world. However, according to some surveys number of drug users in Pakistan has gone up from 50,000 in 1980 to 8.1 million in 2011. Every year at least 50,000 more people get addicted to different kinds of drugs. At an average, an addict spends between Rs3,000 and Rs3,300 on drugs in Pakistan .

June 26 is observed as World Drug Day. It is deplorable, Pakistan is infamous not only for terrorist related incidents but also for illicit drug trafficking. The annual report of The United Nations Office on Drug and Crime says, Pakistan 's annual heroin market is worth $1.2 billion. With more than 90 per cent of the world's opium being produced in neighbouring Afghanistan, Pakistan becomes the main route for opium to be supplied to the world. According to government sources, 600,000 people enter drug abuse in Pakistan annually.

There should be a law like Singapore and other countries that anyone using or selling drugs will be awarded capital punishment. And not only law making but it should be implemented effectively to eliminate drugs from the country.

To stop the drugs abuse in Pakistan, it is necessary to catch the drugs dealers and award them punishment.

People who are addicted to drugs should be provided healthy environment in anti-drugs hospitals and research and studies which are proven in various countries across the globe should be followed.