Focus On Your Profession And Try To Make It Better:Farooq Soomro

By: Tooba Naz

Farooq Soomro is Executive Editor in Daily Express, Sindhi newspaper. He belongs to Johi, district Dadu. He did diploma in civil engineering and completed studies in the year 1990. He started career from Awami Awaz, and then worked with Daily Koshish as news editor

Q: What is the role of editor in a newspaper?

A:The editor plays very important role in newspaper. Knowledge of management is necessary for him. Editor is the person who is responsible for all the material published in his newspaper , whatever is done is done on his/her name.  He has multiple roles, he is manager of news section, he supervises contents of newspaper, formulates policy, takes day to day decisions, coordinates with management, advertisement, marketing and printing departments of the newspaper.

Q: How you joined journalism? Would you like to join electronic media?

A: I did'nt want to join journalism, it was accidentally, you may say I am here by chance. And I am not interested to work in electronic media.

Q: What is the scope of print media in Pakistan?

A: Print media has good scope in Pakistan. I do not subscribe with the view that print media's scope is reducing day by day. It needs new directions, indepth coverage and reporting. Tv channels can break the news, but do to race for new news, electronic media leaves follow-ups, which are necessary for media and society.

Q: What are the most important skills for the position of editor?

A: For a position of editor, he or she must keep an eye on politics, keep an eye on society, keep an eye on news and stay connected with different sections of society, particularly with those who matter or change/ decision makers.

Q: Apart from journalistic work, what are your hobbies?

A: My other hobbies are to watch cricket and football. Poetry is also my interest.

Q: Any journalist who inspired you the most?

A: I am inspired from my respected and honorable teacher Sohail Sangi. I did not find any accountable and responsible journalist like him. He is professionally a very good writer and journalist among all.

Q: Do you have any special advice for editors?

Ans: Focus on your profession and try to make it better.

Q: Does your job affect your lifestyle?

Ans: I think my job did not too much affect my lifestyle. However, sometimes every person is socially disconnect when he or she working in any field.

Q: How is it working in a Sindhi newspaper, is it different from other newspapers ?

A: Basically journalism is not based only on Sindhi language. But one thing keeps in mind that Hyderabad's journalism started from Sindhi newspaper. For the requirement of newspaper all the 3 languages English, Urdu and Sindhi are most important. Sindhi newspaper has its own importance in Sindh.

Q: Any advice for someone's interested in this field?

A: A person who wants to become an editor should know himself. Moreover, commitment and responsibility are the two most principal tools for the editor