Increase In Ratio Of Suicides In Pakistan

By: Prih Bukhari

A man committed suicide due to poverty, a boy burnt himself alive due to injustice, a teenager hanged himself because of study stress, a women committed suicide due to physical abuse etc.

These are most common updates that we usually find on any news channel or newspaper which shows increase of suicide ratio. However, we do not know what suicide means.

According to Dr Darya Khan Laghari, a psychiatrist of Sir Cowasji Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry Hyderabad, suicide is a multi-dimensional disorder, which results from a complex interaction of biological, genetic, psychological and environmental factors. Excess effects of these factors on any individual may leads to suicide attempt.

Today, suicide has become a global issue. Nearly one million suicides occur all over world every year, which means that every after, 40 seconds somebody dies by suicide, with anywhere from 10 million to 20 million suicide attempts annually.

According to a research suicide rates are 50%-60% higher than the official rate and this social problem is also found in Pakistan though it is an Islamic state and this extreme action is condemned in Islam and declared as “haraam” (not allowed).

 If we talk about the Pakistani law regarding suicides and deliberate-self harm these are punishable acts.

In last few years, dramatic increase in the suicide ratio has been recorded in Pakistan. There are many causes which force a person to commit suicide such as interpersonal relationship problems, domestic issues, mental illness, lack of resources, poorly established primary and mental health services, study stress, physical abuse, social injustice, depression, partiality etc.

But according to former president of Pakistan Psychiatric Society and Prof of Emeritus King Edward Medical University, Prof Dr Khalida Tareen frustration is the major factor behind the increasing trend of suicide attempts in our society.

Frustration makes a person depressed due to which he finds suicide as a solution to his problems so he commits suicide.

According to some experts, apart from frustration, poverty has also become a huge cause of suicides in Pakistan. Many poor Pakistanis find suicide the only way to escape from the poverty.

People under severe frustration kill themselves and their children thinking that this is the only way to escape poverty.

From available evidence it appears that most suicides victims are young people (single men and married women) under the age of 30, due to unemployment or low grades in exams.

At this age people are more reckless and aggressive hence they generally take action without pondering into the problem.

Increase in suicide rate has become a huge social problem because no initiative is taken against this problem.

 According to some experts Pakistan neither collects national suicide statistics nor reports them to WHO.

Therefore when global suicide statistics are compiled or prevention programs are planned, countries like Pakistan are rarely taken into account