Life Of A Hostler

By: Tahir Odhano

Mehboob, Dinner ka kahan program hy, Hoshu canteen py khaen ya “ Phattak” py chalen? My elder brother's friend Mehboob Soomro  got that message and likewise every one was busy in texting to each other for taking meal at that time, when I came first time at the hostel.

Since, our school life we usually heard the life of university and hostel from our seniors. I also heard so, when I was in matriculation which seemed very strange for me, but now I am part of this life.

I have remembered my first evening, when I entered into main gate of boys hostels and Mehboob received me, later we went for dinner at (Jamshoro Pattak, by the point of university which was specific for hostlers. The nickname (Phattak) of Jamshoro, first time I took note.

In fact, every thing looked extremely unfamiliar to me because there life was different as compared to life at home.

After taking meal, we came back and Mehboob got me visit of all boys hostels, like, Allama Iqbal (Hoshu), Blocks, Lal Shahbaz, Z.A Bhutto, International, G.M Syed and new Khan Bahadur Allahando Shah (KB)  hostel.

I noticed there every hostel had dissimilar architecture; atmosphere and their nick names while some hostels have common washrooms. I asked from Mehboob.Ada which hostel will be allotted to me? He answered, you are in part I and you will be given room in common wash room hostel. Really it was against my wish but he said, hostels are divided into senior-junior categories.

In early morning, every one was hurry to get ready for campus and was waiting his turn to get into washroom, and when their turns came, most of them were singing songs into washroom very loudly, those called singers of bathroom generally.

These moments were very precious and interesting but at every step remind us the comforts of home's life.

The wonderful days of raging or orientation, in which seniors looked for newcomers and made them fool or took treat from them at canteens, therefore newcomers tried to get away from the seniors during the initial days of the year and also I was afraid but one day few seniors caught me on the way and took interview and moreover got treat of tea at Hoshu canteen.

I asked from Mehboob as to why seniors do like that?  Subsequently, he replied, dear this is part of hostel life too and it has been done as juniors can easily mix-up in new environment and do not feel shy.

Further he told me that some times it converted into friendship as well. That's true because those who had done raging with me, today we are good friends and whenever we meet with each other we recall those moments and  have lot of fun.

Next day at canteen, “Rahi, gravee khani ach”, “bha pani jo jagh bhee dy jaldee main”, “Naseeer, room ty chayee moqil”.

These sentences were common by students at canteens, which remain very memorable in our practical life.

Besides that hostel canteens had room service also, so we called them mini restaurant too. We could had not imagined that one day we will do our all type of work ourselves, including pressing and washing clothes and management as well but life of hostel taught us every thing.

However, life of hostel is entirely different as compared to life at home but with the passage of time we became habitual.